Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saved from the Fire

Last week we had a truly noteworthy event. We were given the go ahead to return to the inside of our fire damaged library. We had been waiting since the fire to go and salvage and take stock of the damage. Just last Wednesday, it was declared safe enough for us to go in. So here is the damage report and some pictures.

Our work room was a lot better than we expected. We were able to salvage some office supplies as well as some new library stock that had been waiting to be put on the shelves.  

We could view the library from the work room door and from the foyer. There were beams and rubble everywhere. We didn't go into the main library area because it was unsafe, but even if we had been able to get in there appeared to be nothing salvagable. Most of the shelves, and even our circulation desk were totally destroyed. There is one nonfiction bay visible through doors in the back of the library, and some still standing in the fiction section.  However all of these books would be severely fire damaged and/or wet and mouldy from exposure. Some of the items in the work room were mouldy but most were not too damaged as that area still has a roof over it..

We were heartened to see survivors, the big library teddies known as Monty and Blueberry. They were a bit singed but otherwise were ok.

On Friday we had a Christmas Storytime in the park. It was a huge hit, with about 70 kids in attendance. Mrs.Claus (aka Clare Stace) came and delighted children with her humor and storytelling. She illustration one story by using a piece of string, which she streched and folded into different shapes. One little girl shouted, "This is the best day ever." And it was. Even the library staff dressed in Christmas gear and everyone had a fun day. I will post some pictures of this storytime later this week, until then, keep smiling!

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  1. ohhhhh Monty and Blueberry!! Thank you for the pictures and updates!!! Big hug =)